Suggestion: include option for preview window to be still images


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As discussed in several other threads in the forums, many people have issues when using multiple monitors with different refresh rates. This is due to the fact that windows cannot deal with simultaneously displaying 3D Accelerated programs (Games, OBS preview, etc) on 2 different refresh rate monitors. Depending on your monitor & drivers, if you try to use the preview window in OBS on a 60hz monitor and play a game on a 144hz monitor, the refresh rate of the 144hz monitor will be capped down to 60hz and other issues like mouse stuttering may occur.

Tested on my system, the issue only occurs when the preview window is enabled in OBS on the second, lower refresh rate monitor.

My suggestion is, since personally I don't need a constant preview of my stream (just occasional shots to ensure that my scenes are working properly), would it be possible to include an option for the display windows to be still images that update on a certain frequency - such as "every x seconds/minutes"? This should theoretically resolve the refresh rate issue, while still providing usability for the preview window. It'd be great if it worked in studio mode too.

Link to one such relevant thread for the issue described:
144hz Monitor loses Smoothness when OBS Preview Enabled on 60hz monitor