Question / Help Streaming with 7.1 Sound - Sounds weird


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Hey, my name is Trexx_T. Im 23 years old and from germany.
I want to start streaming a little bit. And i think at the moment everything is working.

BUT i have a Logitech G930 headset with 7.1 soundsystem and I noticed it already at Shadowplay.
My sound is very weird. 7.1 or Stereo while watching my stream - It makes no big difference.
I can turn 7.1 off on my headset. But its very ugly to play games in stereo :D
Hope you can help me and get a setting that let it work normaly. :)

Thanks and greetings
(Sorry for bad englisch. Hope its good enough)
In obs did you try down mixing to mono? Do a test recoding and see what it sounds like, maybe disabling 7.1 when you listen back so you know what most of your viewers are hearing.


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I tried, but there is no difference. My settings on "Stereo" so in my opinion it should work.

I show my Sound-Settings here. Maybe it is a help for all of you. And if it is - So it is help for me :)



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im sorry. my answer is late.
i dont think this is it. i want the 7.1 sound hear but dont share in stream. maybe you can watch a video on twitch.
the same name. just a last stream. you can hear my problem and maybe you know more :)


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7.1 headsets don't do true surround. You can't use surround on the headset while streaming if you want the sound quality to match up.


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I had the same problem and solved it with this. Hope this helps anyone who find this thread just like I did when I was searching for a solution.