Question / Help Streaming Lag (ElGato Lag)

Soo Kxrma


My stream has been lagging when I try to stream Advanced Warfare (FPS Game) on my OBS on mac. I use window capture to get the screen which also degrades the quality. But besides the quality, its been lagging and a little bit choppy. I will include my log file and my internet speeds. Thanks in advance.

PING - 18ms
Download Speed - 82Mbps
Upload - 18 Mbps


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Does it also lag if you record locally (on your computer)?

The only factors I can see that could potentially create lag here are:

- installed RAM - which is used when the data is cached and transferred
- distance from the streaming server and ping with that server

You could also try lowering the bitrate progressively and/or the game graphics quality and see if you get less lag.

Soo Kxrma

No game does not lag but when I stream my Facecam doesn't lag just the game does. I'm guessing the elgato is causing lag what should I do? It didn't lag before this is with the new update. Maybe degrade quality?