Question / Help Streaming Diablo 1


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Hello. I'm wanting to stream a Diablo 1 mod called The Hell. So far the only way I can get the game to show is with monitor capture, and it hardly shows anything at all. Software capture shows black, and it just doesn't show in the list for game/window capture. Any ideas? I don't think Diablo 1 can be ran in a windowed mode either, everyone's solution for that seems to be running it on a virtual machine.


OBS only allows you to capture DX9 games or higher via gamecapture. Unless you can somehow force it to windowed mode, theres no way in streaming it, unless you use DXTory to hook into the game and use that as a dircetshow input.


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Thank you very much for coming back and posting the solution you came across, not enough people do that :(