Question / Help Strange drop bitrate problem...


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Hi guys, please to meet al comunity... :)
I need your help, and sorry in advance for my english...

Since a copuple of week I start to experience a strange connection problem.
I've two router with two different ISP, both connected via ethernet. I use one for almost all activity (gameing, video, and all the rest) and the second one only for streamingo in twitch.
I use "bind to IP" option in advanced settings and all works fine for more than 6 months.A couple of weeks ago I start to experience drop framerate and really instable connection. First at all I think about an ISP problem but some test change my opinion. I work around some settings to solve the problem, I try to change streaming software, TPC settings... nothing change... I can't stream my sessions without drop framerate issue.... the bitrate seems go up an down continuosly
A couple of day ago I noticed that if I use only OBS everithing seems works well (I stream with test bandwith option on), and the problems starts when i open some of other app... like League of legends or COD.
Seems OBS or other app use both ethernet adaptor to work... I already set manually my lan priority.
Yopu are my only hope bofore format or leave streaming... please help me...