Question / Help Sound Quality Issues With OBS Multiplatform

Raize Kor

New Member
Hi, I'm back again with a fun issue!

So, My boss and I, the techie, run a podcast and Youtube Livestream known as SBTVNation...
and the sound quality with OBS is kinda crappy on youtube.

Here's Our setup:
Computer 1 is a laptop, it broadcasts with a mixboard.
We use a RCA cable (in the mixboard) to feed into the line-in jack on computer two (a desktop running OBS)

(Computer 1)

(Mixboard on Computer 1)

(RCA Cables in Mixboard)

(Computer 2)

(Computer 2)
OBS Settings are as follows:


Anyway, our show today is a good example of our problem:
This was broadcast as a livestream on youtube using OBS Multiplatform on Computer 2, with audio being send via RCA Cables to Computer 2's Line-in Port. Sounded bad.
While on computer 1, Spreaker sounded good.


Another example, we recorded a test on spreaker using Computer 2:
Sounded good.


Bottom line, we have concluded that it is OBS.

Is there anything we could do? If you have any questions let me know, and if anything's unclear please let me know. I tried to be as informative as I could.

I also attached the 2 log files from today.
The longer one should be our show but I was unsure. We run 9-10am EST Approx.\

Thank you,
Raize, SBTVNation Assistant