Some games stutter the livestream if GPU reach 100% usage, but some don't


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I know how you need to have free GPU performance to encode the video for OBS in livestreams and recording, but in my experience, some games don't need that free performance. I've stramed some heavy games where my pc wasn't even reaching 60 fps but the livestream didn't stutter, but it still happens in some games. I noticed that choosing to capture only the game window helps instead of the whole monitor, but yesterday, with Days Gone, even capturing only the game window, everytime the GPU got to 90% usage and above, the game would stutter.

Does anyone know if there is a setting that can make all game don't need this GPU space? I'm actually also interested in knowing why does it only happens with some games and if Nvidia Geforce Experience and having the setting of replay ON can affect this, because I know that setting constantly uses a certain amount of a certain part of the GPU usage.

Thank you!
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