Simple number incrementing request


Hey there,
I know this isn't really a request board, but here I go. My request is quite simple actually.

I'd like to implement a Death counter on my Dark Souls streams, to do so the counter would start at zero and each time I die I would press - let's say - the F12 key to increment that counter by 1.

The tool would update a text file with that new incremented number, and OBS would display that updated number on screen.

It's really quite simple, but I don't know how to program and I bet it wouldn't take too long for anyone wanting to do this :s

Hope this request isn't against the rules and if isn't the case that someone will volunteer to do this :)



Thanks for the reply, not quite what I had in mind but it might do.

It would be perfect if some software like this one inputed an incremented number into a txt file though.

The key binding would be a bonus and appreciated feature :)