Question / Help Should I be able to stream HotS with a mac book pro?


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When streaming i get pixelation when moving, is there anyway to fix this? higher bitrate? lower resolution? higher FPS?

Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 Mb

Speed test Results
Ping: 31
Down: 106 Mbps
Up: 145Mbps


resolution to 1152x720
bitrate 3000
buffer 3500
base resolution 2880x1800
scaled resolution: 1152x720
fps: 30

CPU usage ~20% when streaming

my in game FPS is still max at 60
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Yes, you should be fine streaming Heroes of the Storm with that Internet connection and computer.

Do you use Game Capture or DIsplay Capture (Game Capture is way more efficient).

Also lower your video bitrate to 2000, so all of your viewers can watch it without lag.


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figured it out.But now there is a new problem. There appears to be a patchy frames...not sure thats the technical term. little blurry squares of the stream mainly when moving. What setting do I adjust to fix that?
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Next time try to make a topic without all the caps ;-)

And I am not sure what happens at your computer, but feel free to use my settings (your resolution is different but other than that this works fine for me for weeks in a row already):,5a7ux2T,qs4aGm6#0

Sorry about the title. I fixed it.

Thanks for the screen shot I find that those work the best

I have a few more questions...

In your game under graphics, what is your in game "display mode"? windowed? windowed full screen? fullscreen?

What is your resolution?
Should the resolution you select in game match the rescale resolution?

Do you have screen shots / info on your "video" tab and your "advanced tab in OBS?

I'll post Screen shots of mine.

Scaled Resolution

rescale output

downscale filter

Twitch has tutorials and recommendations for 1080p and 720p but I don't have those resolutions...i don't think my pixels are always off by a few numbers as you can see from the images linked. Am i missing something?

Since my resolutions are off by a little bit could that be causing the pixelation?

I've messed with the settings quite a bit but even if I increase resolution or slow down the cpu usage so it uses more cpu, the pixelation still happens. Is there no way to get a in game stream experience?
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If I stream HotS I set it to Windowed (Fullscreen) with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The display I game on is actually 1920 x 1200 pixels. Your screen resolution is actually 1.5 times mine.

I play in 1080p and rescale to 720p so no, the two do not need to be the same.

I set my graphics quality in-game to Medium as my video card is old.

I am surprised that you still get 60 FPS during streaming, my FPS drop to less than 30 once I start OBS. Once you stream, do you see any dropped frames in the lower part of OBS, or is it streaming smoothly without loss?