Setting up OBS with Twitch

A start to finish guide on setting up OBS with Twitch

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    Setting up OBS with Twitch - A start to finish guide on setting up OBS with Twitch

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  2. Diablocalypse New Member

    Thanks a lot !
  3. Zt0ffe Member

    Really nice guide mate! :) Just can't get the jumping thing to work with Tnotifier :( Did excatly as you did, deleted the clouds and the bg aswell and edited it as you did. Maybe some changes they did or I do know. :P NIce guide anyhow!
  4. NerdOrDie Member

    Thanks! Sorry you're having trouble, but getting the "bouncy" text to work is a bit complicated without knowing CSS. I realized that after making the series, so I actually remade a new video featuring TNotifier setup geared more towards people with no CSS knowledge.

    You can check out that video here.

    However, I didn't want to leave you hanging on the cool bouncy text, so...

    Here is a screenshot of the exact settings that works for me. Note that it has a $10 minimum set, because it is used for bigger donations, so you might want to set this to 1 or whatever you'd like.

    Here is a pastebin of my exact CSS. Also note that the first few lines hide the 30 second countdown and console for TNotifier, so you might want to remove that!

    Hope this helps!
  5. LostOnTheMoon New Member

    Thank you for this guide! So much better than anything else I've found!

    One question that I can't find an answer to anywhere, and it's a very common problem - why does my stream not show up in the live list? Anyone can go directly to my profile and watch my stream but it never shows up in the list of live channels with other live channels playing the same game. I streamed for several hours with no viewers. Very frustrating.
  6. NerdOrDie Member

    Make sure you first mark what game you're streaming in your Dashboard. Sometimes It's a bit weird, so double check that it actually shows you have a game listed.

    Next, you can try changing "Playing" to "Not Playing" and save. Then change back to "Playing" and the game title and saving. I found this recommendation from a thread here.
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    Trouble with CLR plugin

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  8. h0nKi New Member

    Well that's really a awesome guide dude!
    The only thing I'm missing is how to set up a twitch chat widget properly. I was waiting for this from the first video to the last as you had a defined area for twitch chat ;-).

    Anyways, great job!
  9. NerdOrDie Member

    Hey, great point. I considered making it with those videos, but decided against it. The reason for that is because I want to show how to add the chat in + do CSS for it as well.

    Here's the first video about setting up chat, the CSS one will be out in a few days.
  10. NerdOrDie Member