Scene Switcher based on pixels/colors


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I was searching and couldn't find a scene switcher plugin that can switch based on static pixels, it has been requested once before, but it looks like nobody responded to that person. This would be incredibly useful to people who use a dedicated PC to stream and cannot use a typical scene switcher that uses full-screen detection or switches based off of programs that are open.

To quote the person from the other thread who explained it pretty well:

I was thinking it would be cool to have a scene switcher detect certain colors on the screen and switch to a scene based on those colors.

For example, you would create multiple color maps by clicking at points on your screen. It would log the pixel locations and the colors of the pixels. The switcher would keep checking the saved mappings, and switch to the scene that is associated with them.

One strategy could be clicking multiple points on the Windows toolbar, since it is quite static. Whenever the toolbar is shown, it would switch to the linked scene.

Another is if you have Dota or LoL open and in-game, you can click on parts of the HUD that are static (mini map border, ability icon border, etc.) and it would always automatically switch to your in-game scene when you are actually in-game.