Running two headsets, problem with echo.

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So I decided I would LP Shin Megami Tensei Persona via emulator with my friend as Co-comm, we have two headsets plugged into my friends computer and are set to separate sources, the problem is that there is microphone echo coming from my headset during playback because I have 2 channel audio, my friend's headset is fine, and I'm not hearing the echo in OBS. But I still hear the echo on Playback. Is there a way to change my headset from 2 channels to one channel, and how do I get rid of the echo? Because we're recording in the same room as him due to circumstances with my college dorm neighbor, making it impossible to record remotely via discord call. I'm using a Turtle Beach PX24 wired headset with the SuperAmp amplifier connected (3.5 mm), with my friend using a Razer Nari Essential wireless headset. (USB)


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the problem is the timing wireless headsets have a higher time use 2 cable headsets and best is 2 from the same type !


It is recommended that you use a plug-in headset rather than a Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headphones have an unstable connection when live and recording. There is a time difference between the two so it causes echoes.