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RELOTwitch - Standalone program for monitoring your viewers/followers/chat

RELOTwitch is a Freeware tool for small Twitch streamers.
It's showing the current viewers and if they are already followers.
The already known Chatbots are filtered out.
The mainwindow can be set to stay on top which is meant for streamers with just one Monitor.
The window background can have different colors.
White if there are no Viewers at all.
Yellow if there are Viewers.
After every refresh the background will change to red or green for a short time, which means green: there are more...
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Takes a bit to open and eventually it will load with an error. I assume this is due to the channel not being set. When (if) it does open after a few tries, it does load up and works fine. I did notice I can not use any vpn while using this tool. I am going to be trying it out shortly. hoping this one works.