Question / Help Recording Resolution Is Bad (Mac)


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I'm trying to get my recordings to have better quality, but no matter what I do or settings I change nothing seems to work. These are the settings I have at the moment. I'm using a Macbook pro from 2013 with Retina display if that helps. Any help is greatly appreciated, If you have other questions I'm happy to assist.
Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 6.19.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 6.24.13 PM.png


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2500 is a very low bitrate.

CBR should really not be used for recording, it's more appropriate for streaming.

The ultrafast preset is going to give poor quality.

Run the Auto-Configuration Wizard from the Tools menu to develop your starting settings.

Bottom line, however, is that your machine is really not suited to running OBS well.

If you can provide me a log from a recording session (start, record, stop, then upload log) I can provide more detailed information.

Include a log file if you have a problem: here's how


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Is there a reason why you've chosen these particular settings?

15:34:03.580: video settings reset:
15:34:03.580: base resolution: 1920x1080
15:34:03.580: output resolution: 1920x1080
15:34:03.580: downscale filter: Bicubic
15:34:03.580: fps: 60/1
15:34:03.580: format: RGBA
15:34:03.580: YUV mode: None


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I've been messing with the settings constantly and that seems to be the settings where the recordings have the best quality. Once I got that far I just stopped and settled with it


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A 2013 MacBook is not going to be a great machine to stream with.

RGBA is definitely NOT recommended. Suggested is NV12. 709/Partial, but 601/Partial is also OK.

For local recordings either use the simple mode and indistinguishable quality, or choose the x264 encoder with CRF rate control and choose a value between 16 and 23 (lower the value, the higher the quality) and tweak until you get results you like. CBR rate control is primarily for streaming, and it will inflate the size of your files without providing any quality advantage.

2500 as a bitrate is fairly low and won't be particularly pleasant to look at, especially if recording high motion content.

15:28:59.521: width: 2560
15:28:59.521: height: 720

That should be a standard resolution like 1920x1080 or 1280x720. Not sure if you intended this.

60fps is also quite demanding, I would suggest you target 720p30 on this hardware.


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Okay awesome, yeah everytime I try to find something it's either for windows, or for streaming and that doesn't help me at all cuz I just want to record. Thank you so much for your help!