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I'm having this problem, where although I'm getting a solid 100+ fps in game, the footage i record ends up being extremely choppy. Around 10 FPS or so. This is specifically when I'm in a forested area in a game called Rust, for example. I've also gotten this lag in other games, but I could care less about the lag I'm getting on those games, as it's not important to me.

I've tried so many things that people have recommended, though nothing is working.
I've also tried using Shadowplay, and that actually works perfectly. Even at the same bit rate. (50000)

What's so confusing, is that I just recently purchased myself a new computer with much better specs, same graphics card as my older PC, except back then, I could record and have no sign of lag even while at 100 FPS in game. This is all just starting to become a problem.
Here's my new PC information -

If i cap my FPS in game to 60 or 65, I'll be able to record game play without any major lag it seems.
Even though this wasn't the case with my older computer, which would be perfectly fine even at 100 FPS in game.

I'm at the point where I've spent a solid 6-7 hours straight, desperately trying to figure out what this problem is. And I can not figure it out.
Also, no matter what i change my settings to, the lag stays the same. Even if i record at 2000 bit rate instead of 50000.
And once again, this is ONLY with OBS. Not with Shadowplay, for example.

Any help is appreciated!

Log file -


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