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Hello, guys.

I'm currently having a problem with OBS Studio that randomly stutters the preview on OBS Studio while streaming games to Twitch since May. I've been streaming for 4 years, I never had the problem before. However, in May, the stuttering occurred after Windows updates or... I don't remember what I did something. Well, it happens in some minutes while streaming MechWarrior Online, Fallout 4, World of Warcraft, and some. Yes, I already looked up for solutions on Google; unfortunately, they didn't solve.

Please, can you help me with the problem? I will appreciate that. Thank you.

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You've got Display and Game captures together in the same scene, which can cause performance issues.

You're also appear to be running the 32 bit application on a 64 bit operating system, is there a reason?

Lastly, you've got a bit of GPU overload that would probably be addressed by capping the framerate in the games you're playing or turning on vsync.

Is May when you installed the Killer firewall?


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I used Display capture if the Game Capture failed. So, I removed Display from all scenes.

Started using the 64-bit version of OBS Studio, still experienced stuttering.

I haven't tested other games than Fallout 4 that is modded with Load Accelerator. Load Accelerator automatically disables vsync during the loading screen. So, I will test other games with disabled vsync to see if the stuttering is gone.

I'm not sure if I had Killer firewall; but, so I uninstalled Killer Network Manager then. The program might be the problem, I remember that I updated it and the stuttering started to happen.

Thank you for the reply!