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Hi, so i know these questions have been asked 1000 times and Ive been reading through them to try to figure out my issue but now im running into a problem i cant quite pinpoint. and have a few other questions.
Just to get a few things out of the way, I have already Run it as Administrator, I have the program set to always run as admin, i also right click and run as admin to open it just to be safe. I'm on a Laptop, running an NVidia 1050 Card, The only way to get Display Capture working for me is to switch OBS's processor to Integrated, it doesnt work on NVidia processor at all (unless theres a fix i need to do).

1. If i have Window Capture AND Game Capture on at once, is one prioritized over the other? This is mainly only an issue with League of legends as its Lobby screen doesnt get picked up until you're actually in a match (which then game capture catches it) So if i have both on when playing League will it just switch to Game Capture once the game opens? Will both just be recording at once and would that cause any issues?

2. The classic "Black screen Display Capture vs Game Capture" thing is hitting me too...Im on a Laptop and i have to Switch to Integrated Graphics for the Display Capture to work, but when i switch to my NVidia Graphics, The Display Capture no longer hooks, and even now im having issues with "Capture any Fullscreen" Game Capture not working, is there a fix to this, should i not worry so much about Display Capture as long as i can get Game Capture working?

3. This might be more of an ease of use/convenience issue but as i said in point 2. Game Captures "Capture any full screen application" Isnt catching anything, i have to manually select "Choose Specific Window" and hook it that way, what can i do about this, I guess as long as the game is being captured its okay, but it is kind of annoying to have to tab out of a game each time i start up a new one, so i can Choose the specific Window.

I do thank any and all answers given, I'm wanting to start this new year off right and start recording/streaming games lol, just trying to configure OBS perfectly (also if theres any add ons you all suggest ill try them and learn them)