Put without encoding option


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Add without encoding option for live stream ( ex where is choose x264/ intelquick sync etc ) add here no encoding .

Example :when add input stream its output directly in ts format without encoding process.



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Sorry, but what? Thats not how it works. OBS creates a video stream that has to be encoded to be send further.
If you want to send a ts stream directly to a location of your choosing you might want to look for a different software, or am I understanding something wrong.


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If you're wanting lossless/uncompressed output, it's possible through the FFmpeg output of studio. If that's what you're meaning at least. I think there's some confusion over what was meant.


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I want input simple raw quality stream and add logo / clr browser content / etc and output without encoding or compress.

Output in rtmp or ts format.

Mean i dont want to compress video in 1000kbps or above .

Hope its clear now.

Many thanks for your reply