Question / Help Processor-Encoding Issues

I am unable to run a smooth 720p30fps stream even though I recently built a PC dedicated solely to streaming. I am running an Intel i5-8400 CPU, 8GB of RAM (hoping to upgrade to 16 GB soon), a 500GB SSD boot drive, and an external Elgato capture card. I use the very fast x264 preset, and the only other application I have open is the Twitch chat so that I can monitor the stream. However, I am consistently utilizing 90% of my processor. This performance is frustrating as I want to be able to eventually incorporate more sources and background applications into my streams like a music player. Is my processor just too underpowered or can I tweak my settings to get better performance? Any assistance would be appreciated.


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dont hold your breath on getting a helpfull reply nobody fucking answers on this forum anyway id say your cpu is probs underpowered but then again im not the most seasoned streamer