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  1. ilgino New Member

    Hello everyone! I have problem. When I am streaming live using the new version of YouTube livestreaming, I have a problem with keyframes. The stream's log says, that I have to change frequency and amount of keyframes in OBS - otherwise I can't streaming. Where can I do that?
  2. dodgepong Administrator


    The OBS log says that? Or YouTube says that? Did YouTube recently make a change to their RTMP servers that enforce this requirement?

    Can you post the "log" you are referring to? Because I've seen people stream to YouTube with default OBS settings before no problem.
  3. Rleeson85 Member

    same here
    it is something that shows on Youtube itself
    I came from that other streaming software (X... something) but it has an option to change key frames and it worked fine on YT.but I do not see an option to add this and yes its a new setting for youtube they require.
    here is my error
    "Please use a keyframe frequency of 2 seconds or less. Keyframes are not being sent often enough, this will cause buffering. Current keyframe frequency: 8.3 seconds. GOP sizes can be wrong if you have ingestion errors."
    it says stream health BAD how do I fix this issue?

    ALSO I am using an elgato and still struggling with the audio/video lag I made a different thread on that too that needs help PLEASE, thanks
  4. Krazy Town drunk


    This is a fairly easy fix, just add "keyint=X" in the custom encoder settings under advanced, where X is either your FPS set in OBS, or your FPS times 2.
  5. Rleeson85 Member

    OK so to set the keyframe interval to a 2 I would type
    keyint=2 or would I need to do keyint=60
    and does it need to be in quotes? Sorry ima noob at this. Thanks for the reply
  6. dodgepong Administrator



    No quotes.

    YouTube wants keyframes every 2 seconds. You send YouTube 30 frames every second. That means every 60 frames, you need to send a keyframe. Thus, keyint=60