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OBS Python Powerpoint slide window navigation using OBS hotkey 1.0


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I probably should have added, this is a recent upgrade to Office 360 version of PowerPoint. Followed to procedure a couple of times just to ensure that I wasn't messing the above described install up.


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Hi All, Thanks so much for this. Been using it for months and it works pretty well. There’s just one hiccup.

When I press the hot key for the next slide, sometimes it executes twice. I have been searching for double execution of hotkeys on this forum and haven’t found anything. Is there a way to add a “wait” of 200 milliseconds so that the same input can’t be sent to PowerPoint twice?

If others have encountered this I would be happy to hear what you’ve done.

I know this sounds like keyboard chatter, but it’s a still new Dell membrane keyboard which behaves otherwise normally.


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Works perfect. For those need help, below is what I did on Windows 10.

1. install OBS studio version 25.0.8
2. install python 3.6-64bit. Note the late python version does not work.
3. download the python scripts:
4. Open scripts windows from the tools dropdown menu.
5. in the python setting tab: have the Python Install Path point to the root folder of the Python installation where python.exe exists
6. use the '+' load the python scripts.
7. use setting to set the hotkeys.
8. restart obs if not work.
this method works perfectly for me, but 1 issue i facing is once i press the hotkey the slideshow animation will stop playing. Any idea regarding this issue?
Thanks alot man


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working on version 27.0.1 with the guide on post

many thanks all... it is really awesome!


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Just to confirm that this Python script will NOT work with the 2019 / Microsoft 365 version of Powerpoint.

All of Python 3.6 and script is installed correctly. Not sure if pywin32 needs to be updated for a different API call for 365 Powerpoint or if it is a script issue. Maybe 365 Powerpoint doesn't API identify as 'Powerpoint.Application'?

The hotkey press IS being registered by OBS though.

Here are the four different scenarios of administrator rights for OBS and Powerpoint, with the outcome for each.

1. If OBS isn’t running as Administrator and 365 PowerPoint is running as Administrator and OBS hotkeys are pressed – Elevation error occurs.
Outcome 1.png

2. If OBS is running as Administrator and 365 PowerPoint is running as Administrator, slides do not change when left or right OBS hotkeys are pressed.

3. If OBS isn’t running as Administrator and 365 PowerPoint isn’t running as Administrator, slides do not change when left or right OBS hotkeys are pressed.

4. If OBS is running as Administrator and 365 PowerPoint isn’t running as Administrator and OBS hotkeys are pressed - Server execution error.
Outcome 4.png

Will gladly help with script dev to fix.



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As an API side note referencing powerpoint =win32com.client.Dispatch('Powerpoint.Application')

I had a look through the registry for CLSID / Version Independent Prog ID and came across these two.

Not sure if the API is case sensitive as my registry has PowerPoint not Powerpoint


There is also this one as an alternative?


Just some thoughts.



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One other,

As a test, with the script (with either 'Powerpoint.Application' or ' PowerPoint.Application') in C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\frontend-tools\scripts and with OBS and Powerpoint running as administrator, with OBS move to next slide hotkey set to CTRL+K...

... it still didn't work.



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With installed, slides wouldn't progress.

Slides now progress... hurrah
To prove 301 is broken, uninstalled 228, rebooted, installed 301
Slides now progress under 301.

Conclusion - pywin32 gives me a headache.


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Greetings! Is there a manual/documentation for that I want to add one hotkey which is "Blank Screen" so I can force everyone to look at speaker for a moment before bringing the presentation back up?


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@k8ldbl88d, wouldn't it be much easier to go to a different scene in OBS or hide the Window Capture source? Both can have a hotkey assigned to.
That would be my plan. I forgot to mention to my situation. So I am ACTUALLY Projecting and Streaming at the same time. So I would have PowerPoint to be presented normally using 3rd Video cable to Projector and use Window Capture to Zoom. So I am doing a Hybrid setup for participants. For those on zoom, all I have to do is switch out to close up for Speaker. But what do I do in person? I just go to Presenter Viewer and click Black Screen. I was hoping to keep it within my fingertip of hotkey instead of moving the mouse. So that's my challenge, trying to reduce moving parts to operation.