Please disable mousewheel for soundsettings


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I am using the Studio Version of OBS, but I came across a problem which is actually present in lots of games:

If you are using multiple screens and playing on one of the screen in several older games (including Skyrim for example) the mouse position is "mirrored" to the other screen.

Normally the only effect is that you can see icons on your desktop being highlighted. If you have your steam friendslist there, you might see single profiles popping up while playing because each move with the mouse is being mimiced on the second screen. So far this is just annoying but it usually it's not a big deal as it does not mimic mouseclicks.

OBS however brings a problem with it. If you mouseover the Mixer settings for volume, using the scrollwheel is enough for increasing and decreasing the volume.

So, lets say you are playing in a shooter, turn left, and then use the scrollwheel to switch to a different weapon you might end up with having reduced the sound volume in OBS to 0. Because the "mimiced" cursor position was above the sound setting and the scrolling then changed the setting.

The only way to currently avoid this is by keeping OBS minimized which is obviously a bad solution.

A few days ago i screwed 2h worth of Skyrim Videos because I didn't realize I reduced the game sound to 0. Yesterday this happened again.

From a programming perspective this should be rather easy to solve: Disabling mousewheel on the mixer settings makes this "shadowcursor" harmless again.


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Are you on Windows 10?
In your Mouse settings (Start -> Settings -> Devices -> Mouse) is "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them" activated(on)?
Deactivating this option fixed the problem for me in the Audio Mixer section. Although it is also happening in the settings.
Hover with your cursor over a drop-down menu and scroll the wheel to change its setting. I added a Mantis report for this problem.