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Hey everyone!

I've come across an interesting situation. I recently borrowed a laptop for work purposes, but decided to try out a Windows-specific game that I've always wanted to play - GoldenEye: Source. ;) It works beautifully and I thought about streaming it on Twitch, but the laptop is old'ish and not reliable for streaming.

This brings me to my Mac, which is perfectly capable of streaming without any hiccups. Would there be any way at all to pick up the PC source on OBS for Mac? So far, I've tried:

1) HDMI connection from PC to Minidisplay Port on Mac (no connection there).
2) HDMI connection from PC to Elgato IN with USB connection to Mac (Elgato picks up the screen, but there is no game audio).
3) HDMI connection from PC to Elgato IN with UBS connection to Mac AND HDMI out to TV (once again, no audio pick up).
4) HDMI connection from PC to TV, but I'm then stranded in terms of getting it back to Mac (works great on TV with audio as well).

I know that this might be uncharted territory (or maybe not!). In any case, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated in terms of what the best setup (if any) exists for these two systems to exist and help one another out with the PC being the gaming computer and Mac being the streaming computer.

Thanks in advance!



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I am very new to the dual PC streaming scene, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I recently obtained a MBP from my school and have ever since been on a quest to use it as a stream machine. I have a few tips I can give you:

Make sure you have chosen HDMI as your default audio device on your laptop. This will allow your viewers to hear your game audio. This is where things get a little tricky though, because although your viewers will hear your game just fine, you won't be able to hear anything yourself unless you have the HDMI out on your capture card plugged into a monitor/TV with a headphone jack.

Since I use the Extremecap U3, I could not do this because it only has HDMI in, meaning that when I routed my audio through it, the only way I could hear my game is if I had my headphone plugged into my MBP, but the audio was delayed too much. This is why a lot of big streamers use a Mixer. What this device does is it acts as a central source for all of your audio sources, and then routes it to where you need it (in our case the Mac) here is an amazing thread that explains it much better than I can: I just ordered the Behringer Q802USB Mixer, which is the best one I found in my opinion. When I receive it I'll tell you if it works like it's supposed to.
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