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Site looks awesome, graphics are great. How do I download them? I don't see a checkout feature to get to the files.
OOPS! Just saw this :(. There is a bright red circle at the top of the site. It will display the number of graphics you have in your cart. Click that to head over to checkout and don't fill out any payment info. Enjoy and happy streaming!
Drewsif Designs updated PixelPro.io with a new update entry:

New Animated Alert!

There are a bunch of new graphics on PixelPro.io but the one that really stands out is our first ever animated alert. Download this alert for free and use it with streamlabs. Feel free to send us feedback so we can continue to create better remeasures for content creators.

Animated alert: https://pixelpro.io/graphics/animated-alert-1
Video Preview: https://youtu.be/xAAbTCURKU8

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