Question / Help Pixelated / Laggy stream (mainly while moving)


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Hi, so I have been streaming on and off for a month. I am pretty new to Streamlabs OBS. I can't seem to get the correct settings for recording or stream to save my life. Streamlabs doesn't pick up any frame drops, but my stream is either really pixelated or really laggy.

My PC specs are as follows :

MotherboardMSI Z370 A-PRO
ProcessorIntel® Six Core™ i5-8600K Processor
MemoryXidax Extreme DDR4 2666MHz Memory- 16GB
Power SupplyCorsair CX750M Semi-Modular Power Supply
Sound CardsOnboard Audio
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
HDD/SSDWestern Digital Blue 1TB - 7200RPM 3.5" HDD
m.2 SSDM.2 Solid State 250GB
CPU CoolingDefault Cooler
CPU PasteStandard CPU Thermal Paste
GPU PasteStandard Graphics Card Thermal Paste
OSWindows 10 Home Premium 64-Bit

My current output settings goes as follows :
Encoder : Software (x264)
Rescale Output : Checked
Output Resolution : 1280x720
Rate Control CBR
Bitrate : 3000
Keyframe Intervals : 2
CPU Usage Preset : Fast
Profile : High
Tune : (None)

Recording settings :
Recording Format : mkv
Recording : NVENC
Rate Control : CQP
CQP : 23
Keyframe Interval : 2
Preset High Quality
Profile High
Level : Auto
Use Two-Pass Encoding : Checked
GPU : 0
B-frames : 2

I have played around with my settings intensively. My CPU when playing black ops 4 (even when not streaming tends to run at 80%-100%
I am not sure if my specs just aren't meant for streaming ( I hope that is not the case since I love to stream :(!
I have changed profiles, CPU usage, bitrate, etc.
My internet speeds are normally 100-150 down and 10 up

Please let me know what you guys think!


Your streaming bitrate is to low, set it to 7500 and check the quality again.
Your recording settings should be fine, if not set the CQP lower till you achieve the quality you aim for


here is a video that helped me out a lot with this, and gave me very good results:
This video is trash.
You should never use the rescale output option because that is done single thread on the cpu instead like if you do it in the video tab via GPU which is much more efficient.
Next thing is that JudachTV should stay with x264 because it will give better results than NVENC.
And than there is the bitrate, always go with the highest that the streaming service you use support, if you stream mashed potatoas you will never get more viewers and with that no reencoding, so you are doomed to be a little crappy looking stream for ever.


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yea, I don't rescale the output either, I have that set on the video tab, and I personally go with 6000 bitrate.

I understand x264 can easily increase streaming quality with the CPU presets, but comes at a cost, I was doing this method on X-split, had my CPU constantly in the high 90's low 100's core temperature, not good for the CPU. also, some graphic intensive games, wouldn't even stream properly, yet the NVENC method can, and does a fairly decent job at quality and steady 60FPS while at it, so it's really give and take.


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Hey guys! First of all thank you both for the replies! @TryHD I put my bitrate up to 7500 and still am getting the same results. Really laggy stream, but no frame drops on OBS. My recording however does not lag at all. My CPU usage is still going to 100% as well, all my graphics in-game are either low or medium.

Could this possibly be an issue with the fact that i'm using Streamlabs OBS? Should I switch to the normal OBS or does it really matter?

Is there any other suggestions by chance?


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Do you have vsync on?
Please post a log, we will get nowhere without.
I don't think I have vsync on. I will have to look in the morning when I get off work. I am not sure how to grab the log on Streamlabs OBS . I'll look at how to do that when I get home from work in the morning as well.