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OpenVR input plugin 1.1

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OpenVR input plugin - Allows full resolution capture directly from OpenVR/SteamVR mirror surface

This plugin provides an input plugin to 64bit OBS that allows capturing directly from OpenVR/SteamVR mirror surface in full resolution.

Either left or right eye image can be captured.

Cropping can be configured in the plugin properties, with some presets provided for the HTC Vive. The presets take into account the OpenVR mask to provide a maximum capture area without any black borders. However some OpenVR games still render to these mask areas so with those games cropping is not necessary....
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This is brilliant :D Previously I always had to move the monitor to my vertical screen, maximize, and make sure I didn't minimize it before recording! Now it will just magically work, no hassle with the monitor, glorious! And I get better resolution to boot! O_O Super neat! Thanks!

Only feedback for now would be the cropping sliders. One more decimal would be neat as I get slightly less field of view now compared to manual cropping as the steps are pretty large!


Edit: Out of interest. I've noticed that the mirror is 45 fps, even then I get some double frames when recording/streaming at 30 for some reason. When using this plugin I get more double frames, it looks like, when I step through a clip using both a game capture of the monitor and the plugin. Does the plugin capture at a different rate or does it also use 45 fps? Sure wished VR headsets would be at 120 already so the monitor could be at 60 or 30 natively.

Edit2: I realize 90 can also be divided to become 30, just posted in the SteamVR suggestions forum if we can get an option for that for the headset monitor output, but I doubt it'll happen anytime soon :P Still, getting the monitor at native 90 Hz would let us capture in whichever way we wanted to. Hmh.
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Can someone add a guide on how to set this up properly to obs studio
There is a readme. Just download, unzip over your installation folder, run OBS 64bit and add the new capture source. It's dead simple really, if you have used OBS for more than five minutes. But I can probably make a video of it later if it's still needed.
Glad you find it useful BOLL :)

> Only feedback for now would be the cropping sliders

These seem to be limited in OBS to steps of 0.01, but maybe I can change it to a percentage (0.0 - 100.0) instead.

> Does the plugin capture at a different rate or does it also use 45 fps?

It captures directly from the mirror surface as fast as it can. It is not documented anywhere how the mirror surface is updated by OpenVR so I am not sure if it still depends somehow on the desktop refresh rate. If I have the time I'll see if it would be possible to add some synchronization to it from D3D11 side so it would try to avoid duplicate frames. Probably the best approach now is to record at either 30, 60 or 90 fps.
I don't understand how to install this to OBS Studio 64 bit either. The readme just says to unzip over your instillation folder. This doesn't seem to work with Studio though. Is this only for the older OBS?


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I use it with Studio, it says it requires OBS Studio 19.0.0 on the project page.

Just shut down the application, unpack it over your installation, putting the data and obs-plugins folder into the program folder which already contains those.

Then launch OBS Studio 64bit as usual and you have a new source type called OpenVR Capture, add that to your scene and play around. Obviously have SteamVR running for this to work.
Were I went wrong was opening up the obs studio file,, Just export all to the obs studio file,, Dont open the file, just make it the file you export to .. After that it was just in the add menu with every thing else
This is the best plugin for VR,, This takes so much of the stress of trying to stream VR properly away.. Iv always just had the mirror down in the corner of my stream cause it gives a beter view.. But now you can crop it like that looks like a hi rez view into VR,, Thank You to who ever made this :)
Ok so i cannot get this working for the life of me. exported to the folder, i have the option of "OpenVR Capture" yet it just brings up nothing. Updated my C++ and stuff as well, not sure what im doing wrong sorry im new at this shit


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@Jewels, first and foremost, do you have SteamVR running already? If not, it will show you nothing. As soon as you boot SteamVR it will acquire frames and display them in OBS.

@Kegetys This is more a side-note more than anything else. I noticed that if SteamVR hangs, it also freezes OBS, but if I terminate everything SteamVR OBS will actually come to life again and successfully save my recording, so that's neat :) It does freeze the entire recording though, in contrast to capturing the monitor separately, it's still way too convenient to have this integrated so I'm not giving up on this regardless ;)
Either way this plugin is freaking amazing and hopefully i can get it working again. Had it working for 1 night then i updated drivers and it no longer works at all. rolled back drivers but still nothing.
removed everything OBS related from my pc, reinstalled, extracted files, now it doesnt even appear on the source list lol. It did before! Arrrrgh!!!!

edit: also just had a friend try remote control my PC to try, full uninstall with all scenes removed, fresh install with all fresh downloads, then fresh extraction of plugin files. Could it be something to do with OBS update? So frustrating just spent 3 hours trying to get it to work. The irony! Its such a time saving plugin for VR streaming!
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@Jewels Do you run anything as administrator? I was beta testing a game that needed Steam to be run as administrator and then I could not acquire frames with the plugin until I also ran OBS as administrator. I guess you could try that in any case, run OBS as administrator, and see if it changes anything.
Hi, maybe I am missing something. Is the plugin intended to be used for creating a stereoscopic view from 2 video source (left and right) connected to the computer? I have tried with two USB webcams connected to the computer but they do not show-up in the plugin dialog. Maybe the plugin is not intended for that?
Hello Kegetys!

Thanks for your brilliant plugin! I had a couple questions though.

I got it working great for duck season, and a couple others. But It does not detect Superhot or Batman Arkham VR. I know batman is unreal, and im not sure about superhot. When playing those games, it just detects the white seam vr room with lines and sensors. Never detects the actual game.

Is there way to set this to window capture of the VR game, then crop and resize it similar to how it currently does?

If not no worries, thanks again for your great work.
Hey guys, new to the whole "adding plugins" in OBS. Saw this plugin was recommended on the Onward discord so I thought to give it a try for recording. I upgraded to OBS Studio from the original OBS software (both Win10) then tried to export the file into the directory folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio\obs-plugins\64bit
Booted the program and couldn't find the VR capture tap. Checked if I had Visual Studio 2015 x64 and confirmed I did. Am I exporting to the wrong location or is there a mysterious force preventing me from using this plugin?

No mysterious force, I just did something wrong. I ended up doing a fresh install of OBS Studio and then opened up the downloaded zip file with winrar. Instead of extracting the whole file, I first did the contents of the data file into the corresponding program file, I then extracted the contents of the 64 file into the corresponding program file.
After that it finally popped up!
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