Often duplicated requests will be locked. Please search

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Chances are that the feature you wish to request has been requested before for implementation. Sometimes features are delayed or on the back burner while we work on what we subjectively feel are more important or critical things. This is simply because there are a -lot- of features that people want, and typically a -lot- of bugs and issues we want to fix as well that may be eating up our priorities.

There have been a few too many duplicate posts lately due to these unfortunate facts, so if you create a duplicate request thread without checking to see if it was requested before, it may be either locked or deleted. However, do not be dismayed! We harbor no ill will or intent in that locking or deletion, it is simply for the sake of keeping this subforum clean. That lock or deletion is a clear sign that we are aware that the feature has been requested, and depending on the feature will probably eventually get implemented. Generally what I'm asking is please try to avoid creating a duplicate request, and use search if possible.

Also, avoid bumps that lack content (only saying "bump" would be an example of this). I see every new thread that gets created and am always aware of discussions that are ongoing, you do not need to bump to try to "ensure" that I see your thread, it serves absolutely no purpose. If you wish to add something to an existing thread, that's okay, but please avoid bumping a thread with no extra content. Please try to focus on providing more feedback or continue discussion rather than meaningless bumps.

Examples (this is not a comprehensive list):
  • Virtual camera/directshow output (Directshow is the devil and Jim refuses to personally code it until there's absolutely nothing else to code. However another developer may wish to do so at some point. Jim hopes, prays to god that someone else does it, as he hates directshow, wants to burn directshow with fire, and send it deep into the abyss where it belongs, for eternity)
  • RTMP server (I am aware, there is some incomplete code for it already and we will get it working at some point eventually)
  • h265/VP9 (FOSS encoders have to be written, and adobe has to support it in their horrible RTMP protocol to stream with them)
  • Multiple audio inputs (this really needs to be properly implemented at some point, Jim didn't think it through when originally making the app)
  • HD PVR 1/2 (I ordered a pvr 2 and will be able to directly take a look at it fairly soon, I owe it to many to at least take a look at this now)
  • Native video file support (this is some ways away but will be put in eventually, in the mean time there are plugins that can do this as well)
  • Max/Linux versions (I am aware, and there are things being done behind the scenes for this)
  • Edit scene without making it live (planned, but complex and likely not soon)
  • As well as many other requests
  • Features that are already in but you never checked the help file for them
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