[obsproject/cef] OnAcceleratedPaint2 is called once.


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I use CEF off-screen rendering in my app to get frames from HTML graphics.
I have implemented OnPaint and OnAcceleratedPaint. But in the recent versions of CEF, OnAcceleratedPaint doesn't work anymore (It is not called. OnPaint is called instead).

I found that OBS has its own implementation of CEF, so I switched to that library (https://cdn-fastly.obsproject.com/downloads/cef_binary_5060_windows_x64.zip)

I have implemented OnAcceleratedPaint2. Tested with HTML containing constantly moving animations, but it seems that OnAcceleratedPaint2 is only called once.
I am wondering if this method is supposed to be called every time a new frame is generated (like onPaint and OnAcceleratedPaint). If there are settings that I need, in addition to OnPaint or OnAcceleratedPaint.

Note that
With the library and the same code, OnPaint (shared_texture_enabled = false) works just fine.
The app does not freeze after OnAcceleratedPaint2 is called. Console log and audio continue to function perfectly.