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obs-websocket - Remote control of OBS Studio made easy 4.7.0


I still think `heartbeat` is a superfluous function. Most of the data in it has been moved to `streamstatus`, which is great. But not everything.

There are still a few pieces of data that need to get moved over:
  • total-stream-frames
  • total-stream-bytes
  • total-record-frames
  • total-record-bytes

Filip S

I would like to be able to use websocket from my Linux/Raspberry PI4 - but is possible to install the browser plugin on this ?
Even if I can compile OBS 24 on a Rasberry PI4 with Ubuntu 19 64 bit - I currently use Rasbian/Debian boxer
it would be more easy to remote control the OBS compared to a vnc on a small device.

I have the Raspberry doing a SRT stream from my camera to my OBS and it would be nice to
just run the cromebrowser or firefox to conntrol the OBS at home also but its not really working without a plugin.

Manual install: Download obs-websocket_4.7.0-1_amd64.deb and install it on your system but I cant use
amd64.deb so anyway for me to make a solution for RaspberryPI ?


New Member
I tried to use the installer, but it fails to find OBS. This is because I don't install OBS on C:\ its on a different drive. It would be nice if we could point it to the OBS install and not have the software scan for it.

Second item; OBS Remote is connected (green circle on the page), OBS is connected (alert popped on connect), Chatbot is connected (connect is grayed out and alert pops). I put in the command $OBSscene("myscenenamehere") as a command and its returning in chat. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Filip S

- Ok did try the on a Raspberry PI4 with Rasbian and nginx and it was working.
but it was using port 8082 and I was able to use a browser on my lan to control the OBS on another computer.

So I did setup up nginx with ssl and proxy to the 8082 but I it complain about it saying security was fine but it
was not possible for the browser to handle this. (I have not tried usning a vpn connection)

Anyway t2t2 solution is nice - as you can include a frame you may need to maybe facebook or youtube studio page
or maybe have rtmp stats from a server included - not just for tablet usage and it was working on my Raspberry
chrome also - part of this would even be nice if it was part of the OBS Gui where one needs to configure and
see studio streaming information - view keys maybe but OK you can do this with a browser also but its nice with the frame option.

I am new to this nodejs and npm stuff and I think the version included with my raspberry was onld and I did
update it follow instruktions online for this but - I was going for a setup that not needed the internet acces,

I did need to run it development mode - I don't know howto start it as a regular service as a build but this
is my lack of know how ;)