Bug Report OBS Video is lagging but while I'm playing it's not lagging : laggy OBS Video output


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I record my game at 240 fps and while I'm playing my game is so smooth / without lags.

But when I stop recording my video output is lagging.

I will attach my logs file please help me .

*My game is minecraft the people like to recording with high fps on this game because when we rendered the video. The video will so smooth + nice motionblur
like this video : https://youtu.be/aU39vPVOIm8


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I don't see an actual recording session in that log file. Do a five minute or longer recording of high action content (not just standing around), then stop the recording, and close out of OBS (this will make sure the log file is fully saved to disk). Then open OBS back up and post that log file.