Bug Report OBS studio does not capture Euro Truck Simulator 2


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I was using obs studio before and it was working fine.
Today I had noticed that Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not captured by obs correcly. I had tried two diferent combinations that had worked before:
- ETS 2 in windowed mode + window capture in obs (does not work, screen is white - picture 1 and 2)
- ETS 2 in fullscreen mode + game capture in obs (does not work, screen is black when in game, only half of the screen while in game's menu - picture 3)
- in both cases I was aslo using .png picture for overlay and two browse plugins for chat and alerts
- other games (tested with Train Simulator 2017) works fine

I had tried many thing to try to fix this (but nothing had worked):
- instaling an older version of ETS 2
- re-instaling ETS 2 (newest version avalible on steam)
- re-instaling OBS studio
- instaling OBS Classic (same problem as in OBS studio!)
- I had tried to get log file, but I was not able to get it from OBS studio


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