OBS Stream suddenlly ends and drops to 0 kb/s


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I've been using obs back in December and was streaming for almost 7 hours on 6000 kb/s with 1920x1080 as my settings and was able to stream properly until January 1 this year. I briefly didn't stream for a week and a half and then when I started streaming again, now my stream keeps stopping 5-10 mins in. The only thing I'm seeing is suddenly my kb/s dropping to 0 suddenly after a stable 3000-6000kb/s.

It was on QuickSync H.264 when I first encountered it, I changed my encoder to x264 and it still happened. I tried using ethernet and looked at my wifi and it says I'm good there. I'm not sure how to fix this anymore. I had tried lowering my bitrate from 6000 kb/s to 2500 kb/s and it for a few days it was alright but today it dropped again.

Photo with x264 encoder: (with 3000kb/s)


Here's my log for it:


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Have tried to stream again with my previous settings without restream and still same result on both Twitch and Periscope. I tried using Streamlabs and same problem occured.