Question / Help OBS + Sound



So I got Adobe Audition today to clean up my stream mic sound (I use a Audio technica at2020).

However, I have 2 problems now.

1. I would like to cancel the noise of my keyboard + mouse (or atleast reduce it). But I don't know how.
2. I am suffering from heavy delay/latency between the video and my voice from time to time. Sometimes it fits perfectly and other times it is delayed. Not sur what settings I should change to fix that issue.

Thank you.


Thing is,

I already have a pop filter and I am a streamer. So I can't really do that big sound shield thing right in my face.

Here's a recording to my last stream:

As you can hear, the keyboard is vey loud (and unfortunately for me... it's a black widow razer. So very loud). You can also see that the mic was about 1 feet away from me. I'm not sur what I could do more to reduce my keyboard sounds.

Any ideas?
Your only real solution is to get your microphone nearer to your mouth and then lower the gain, this will stop most of the noise from the keyboard.

Some other advice I can give from experience is, isolate your mic from your desk by using a stand, muffle the keyboard by placing it on a mat and add some rubber noise reducing rings to your mechanical keyboard.

Basically mechanical keyboards are a nightmare for audio even if you take all these precautions it can still be impossible to remove the audio completely :-(


Yeah I know. Playing FPS with a controller is a P in the A sometimes lol.

Anyway, I'll try to get some O-rings and put my keyboard on a mat. My mic is already on a seperate stand.

And it seems there is no gain in my level options, which I find pretty strange for this high value mic. I have to edit it with an effect in adobe or OBS.