Question / Help OBS sound echoing/broken

Discussion in 'Windows Support' started by CK_32, Mar 21, 2017 at 1:28 AM.

  1. CK_32 New Member

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  2. CK_32 New Member

    Again sound was fine until like 2 weeks ago.

    But since then I did make some setting changes, and updated OBS.. Also got new head phones but not sure how that would effect anything.... Logitech G933 if curious.
  3. Worlorck New Member

    make sure your mic on your cam is disabled or on your monitor , I know that has happened to me b4
  4. CK_32 New Member

    Ok so for some odd reason...

    I went back to my original basic ear buds... And its fixed. So the issue is somewhere from my 933 head set...

    I wonder if its because of the DTS 7.1 surround sound... :(
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  5. Worlorck New Member

    what mic are you using to stream? , the ones on the headset or a different one?
  6. CK_32 New Member

    I'm using the head set g933 mic...

    But again it's linked to the 7.1 studio sound from the Logitech drivers. It doesn't just change the output of the head set output but changes the rates and sounds for the whole system i.e. Computer which the OBS is recording.

    If I leave the head setting on FPS under stereo non 7.1 it's fine.

    Please mark as solved mods. Thanks you.