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  1. Akiva Silver New Member

    I'm working on a OBS remote control tool powered by OBS-Websocket.

    I plan to make a touch-based modular OBS controller. I would also create custom features that can be used within the confines of OBS-Websocket.

    project trello: https://trello.com/b/zAICE9Tv/obs-remote-producer

    Planned features:
    - integrate with custom browser overlays
    - use user specified triggers on scene change
    - realtime view (would require some additional setup)
    - producer notifications to streamer
    - tool preset configurations
    - download user-made modules
    - API for users who want to make their own modules
    - drag and drop interface
    - manually show specific chat messages on stream (requires restream.io)
    - full debug menu (server-side and stream-side)
    - live statistics
    - live audio editor
    - remote scene changing
    - polls with graphs
    - live chat (requires restream.io)
    - quick module view
    - side panel

    Here is a list of images on how it would look. (note: designs are not final)

    Login screen:

    Loading screen:

    Initial Landing page:

    Main Configuration page:

    Example Home page:

    Some assets:

    Module Examples:

    OBS-Websocket: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-websocket-remote-control-of-obs-studio-made-easy.466/

    Note: I'm using angular 2 for the UI part for easy porting to ionic 2.
    github: https://github.com/SirCoolness/OBS-Remote-Producer-Tool
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  2. Fenrir


    Scheduling would be neat, we get a lot of requests for automatic starting/stopping of streams. Maybe some kind of "playlist" of commands? Start stream, run for 40 minutes, switch to scene 2, stop after 80 minutes.

    Looks pretty neat so far though! Definitely will be watching this as it progresses.
  3. Akiva Silver New Member

    great idea, i'll add it to the trello list
  4. Akiva Silver New Member

    Project update, a github repo has been created. I'm currently working on getting the project's framework setup. The development direction I'm going for is fully modular and to achieve that there needs to be a proper framework.