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Discussion in 'General Development' started by Jim, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Jim

    Jim Developer

    With the blessing of my fellow contributors, I've been working on a full multiplatform rewrite. It is not being rewritten just because I want to make it multiplatform, but for a number of reasons.

    View the README to see details on why it's been rewritten.

    This is still incomplete, and much is still subject to change.

    Just added some really early work-in-progress releases, speifically for mac (because it's the only real system I can make builds for that people can actually find somewhat usable): https://github.com/jp9000/obs-studio/releases
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  2. dodgepong Administrator


    I've been excited about this for quite a while now. Can't wait for this to be ready for prime time. Astounding work, Jim.

  3. computerquip Member

    I would also suggest leaving things like packaging (for platforms that use software packages) to the corresponding community. In addition, if anyone were to suggest the use of CMake/Scons/autoconf/etc. ask them for patches instead of doing it yourself. This eases the pain of maintaining such things. But have at least something that works for all platforms in your own preference.
  4. TheRevTastic Active Member

    Not to be a rudeo mc rudey but would you say the ETA is? I am really really excited in the lower nether areas of my body for this.
  5. Jim

    Jim Developer

    Main things that are remaining:
    • OpenGL module
    • Audio subsystem
    • GUI
    • Finishing the captures/devices

    OpenGL stuff is really the only real painful stuff left. The graphics subsystem is currently working with D3D11 as per the test, but it can't be tested/used on other operating systems until OpenGL is complete. Audio subsystem might be somewhat painful as well, as getting the design and ensuring sync can be very painful, but it shouldn't take too long. Everything else is merely just equivalent to refactoring.
  6. TheRevTastic Active Member

    That's good to hear! I shall go tend to my nether regions while I wait then :P
  7. TCi Member

    That sounds like an ambitious project. And it sounds awesome. And going multiplat will definitely make OBS a far more popular project.

    From the readme file it seems like you have gotten most of the plan in motion. So I guess this is the road to OBS 1.0? :)

    Good luck to you and the coders!
  8. TheRevTastic Active Member

    OH quick question, with the revamp will the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 finally be supported? xD
  9. Jim

    Jim Developer

    Yes, it will. That's why HD PVR/roxio/etc have been delayed, it's because I'm going to just implement them with new refactored directshow code.
  10. TheRevTastic Active Member

    Oh thank god, it's such a hassle having to use the stream ez program that comes with the HD PVR 2, can't have webcam, overlay, etc and with my some what medicore setup can't have people in skype with me playing console games.
  11. TimeTrx New Member

    Can't wait to build it on linux. Btw, do you think this would be good for SteamOS adoption?
  12. dodgepong Administrator


    I'm not sure what you mean by "adoption", but if it runs on Linux, you could use it to stream games on SteamOS.
  13. TimeTrx New Member

    I meant do you think you will be able to use it on the OS and will it help the OS grow as more people use it.
  14. dodgepong Administrator


    Yes, you should be able to use it on SteamOS, but I'm not sure what the UI will be like on SteamOS's side. Hard to say ahead of time. But it's Linux, so why not?

    I think OBS being available on Linux will certainly help some people be comfortable switching, since they know they can still stream.
  15. Muf


    Considering the rewrite separates the streaming/compositing engine completely, any UI is possible. If Steam provides some sort of Big Picture SDK, it should be possible to write an OBS GUI for it.
  16. Mischka Member

    Posting for reference. I would certainly be interested in testing once it reaches operational status.
  17. MaartenBaert New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Being a Linux user, I had never heard of this project, but it sounds interesting. I was working on something similar myself:
    It does ... well pretty much the same as what you're doing, but with more codecs (ffmpeg) and no compositing or plugins, and Linux-only. And RTMP support is not as good as I would like. But it works well for normal recording and it's GPL, so feel free to reuse my code :).

    I have a working OpenGL capturing system, but I have to admit that my OpenGL knowledge is rather limited, so it isn't as efficient as it could be (PBO's will make things faster, but using them without interfering with the game itself can be tricky - I think separate code will be needed for different OpenGL versions).

    Good luck!

    PS: If you're trying to make a cross-platform UI, I highly recommend Qt. It looks essentially native and it's very fast (faster than GTK and definitely wxWidgets).
  18. theepicone268 New Member

    Can't wait for this! :D
  19. bilehazard Active Member

    Late to this, but very nice to here that the code will be easier for anyone interested in adding their own designs into the program. Cant wait to see what the finished product will have in store for us end users.
  20. snakeboxmedia New Member

    Awesome news!

    If you need someone to alpha test a semi broken Mac/OSX version please let me know. :)