Question / Help OBS records in poor quality (NVIDIA doesn't work) any help?


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I've been trying to get into OBS and I have tried multiple ways to try and increase quality in my recordings as everything looks very pixelated and in poor quality. Looking around I have seen that the optimal solution would be to switch your encoder to NVIDIA but however when I try to do this a notification pops up saying I dont have the function implimented eventhough when I check I do have it implimented. I'm basically at a loop of frustration as nothing seems to work. I wasn't originally going to post here but I have become really desperate. I hope someone can help me out here.

These are my logs incase anyone was wondering:


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Run your log through the Log Analyzer. There's multiple things wrong. You can ignore Wi-Fi Streaming and Wrong YUV Color Range if your recording for personal use. Would recommend updating Windows to 1909.