Bug Report OBS problem when capturing wine/proton+dxvk game windows in fullscreen


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I'm using OBS Studio 22.0.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with nVidia 1070 and 396.54 drivers, and I recently came across the problem, that I couldn't capture certain windows. E.g. no steam client window can be caputured, they're just black, or game windows that are coming from steam's proton or my own wine prefix and are rendered through dxvk (Direct3D 11 to vulkan mapper). The latter windows are freeze frames, when in fullscreen (e.g. Aliens vs. Predator from 2010, or Gas Guzzlers Extreme) or also just black (desktop window of Beat Saber). It doesn't matter if I use window capture (xcomposite) or desktop capture. When a game that is causing a freeze frame is in the background or non-focused though, it starts being captured with movement. As soon as it get's focus back it's still again. In the obs log I see many of these lines:

glCopyImageSubData failed, glGetError returned 0x502
device_copy_texture (GL) failed

Capturing Direct3D9 or OpenGL windows (tested with many games, e.g. DX9 version of AvP, haven't had any issues so far) as well as Vulkan windows (tested with the vulkan_beta of Mad Max) is working fine.

As a workaround I used an external USB 3.0 capture card. After a while, I realized that when I turn off "Allow flipping" in the nVidia OpenGL settings, it's working (Beat Saber is still black though). But looks like I get tearing on my screen then (though vsync is enabled), so I'd like to keep it turned on.


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