Question / Help OBS Preview and Stream do not fill up the screen.

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  1. WastingSanity New Member

    My game preview does not fill up nor does the stream to twitch. I tried stretch image to screen and ignore aspect ratio. But this does not correct it. For some reason the available screen appears to be smaller. Could my actual monitor be affecting the capture? Since my monitor is actually one of the early high end LED Flat screens. It is square shaped similar to what I am seeing. Normally with Xsplit I adjust the size.
  2. WastingSanity New Member

    I take it there is no fix for this?
  3. zoldun New Member

    have you tried holding down ctrl+shift and dragging it to the size? this removes the resolution aspect and lets u resize it to the size u like :).

    Hope this helps if it does not help why dont u post a screenshot so we can see :).
  4. WastingSanity New Member


    ctrl+shift will not resize the base size of the screen. Only the streaming image which will not exceed the default non preview size. I need to be able to resize that in order to fill the spaces I marked empty. The empty areas show up as black side bars in the stream. Because of this I couldn't even place additional art on the sides to make up for it. So hopefully there is a way to get around this. Or maybe I should've DLed the experimental version if that is better.
  5. Jim

    Jim Developer

    If you have a non-widescreen monitor and want to stream in widescreen (NOTE: You do not actually have to. The sides not being filled in is only because the minimized twitch window in the web browser is 16:9. Viewers who complain about this are jerks and need to realize that not everyone has a widescreen monitor), then first set your base resolution in video settings to a wide size, such as 1920x1080. Then, do one of the following:

    1.) Center your main capture, then fill in the spaces on the sides with bitmaps or text behind it or whatever you want. (Ideal solution)
    2.) Stretch your capture manually (HORRIBLE solution in my opinion. I personally dislike it. It's ugly, and degrades the streaming experience worse than the "black bars" to me. I'd highly recommend using solution 1, ignoring the "black bars", or buying a widescreen monitor to fix it instead)
  6. WastingSanity New Member

    Thank you that works, I will probably add graphics on the side later and keep the basic set up I have. I hate the thought of replace this monitor. I have had it for almost 10 years now and paid out about 700 plus tax for it. It is a very nice monitor.

    On a side note I stream at max settings so it actually doesn't look that bad. But it isn't as good as it could be. I will have to look into getting a nice wide screen monitor in the future.