Bug Report OBS opens preview, resulting in the main screen synchronization frame rate of 60hz


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First of all, I use obs for live broadcast with dual screen and dual video card in one pc. The main video card is responsible for playing games, while the secondary video card is responsible for obs coding and pushing streams. The two monitors are respectively 144hz and 60hz.
The obs is running on the secondary screen(60hz) and it set it capture the main screen(144hz). If the preview is turned on, the actual display resolution of the main screen will drop to only 60hz. If the preview is turned off, it will be restored to 144hz directly.
If you drag the obs's window onto the main screen, the preview will be displayed at 144hz whether or not it is on. Therefore, it is speculated that the environment of obs preview itself will affect the frame rate of the collection source. You can try to reproduce the problem if you have the same condition.
My solution is to close the preview, there's no way i can find to solve this problem.


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This is a Windows issue, not much can be done about it. Playing games in fullscreen mode (not borderless) will keep your main monitor running at 144 Hz.