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OBS Lua OBS Newsroom 2018-02-10


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superlou submitted a new resource:

OBS Newsroom - Tools to help make professional news style broadcasts

This tool automatically updates multiple text sources from the system clock. Each text source can be formatted using Lua date format strings.

DSK Tool
This tool identifies every scene containing "DSK" in the name as a potential down-stream key candidate. When the DSK is toggled, it is automatically added or removed from all non-DSK scenes and smoothly transitioned.

Hotkeys may be set to toggle...

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DSK is short for "down-stream key." It comes from live production hardware, where you have a layer that gets added on-top of your main video mix. This tool isn't as extensive as many modern software DSK solutions. It simply makes it easy to fade-in/-out a scene on top of all other scenes. It's a stop-gap until DSK layers are built into OBS as a native feature.

Matt Franklin

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Do you think you could run up a demo on YouTubeor somewhere? I love the sound of this plugin, but I'm so used to jurry-rigging scenes and transitions that I can't wrap my head around the DSK workflow or implementation.

PS: Thanks for designing tools fore something other than "Let's Play" streaming!


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Not currently, sorry, but if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
How do I use it?. I already watched the YouTube video demo and I tried to use it, but it doesn't works.
I added the text source with name on it but the script doesn't recognize the text source. (Or image)


Is there a way to Fade the Scene in instead of popup?

e.g: i want to use it to fadein a facecam and to fade it out again.

In your video the clock is actually fading in... but when i try it it is just cut in?

i already created an on/off button / hotkey instead of a toggle button.
                                     "DSK: On ",
                                     "DSK: Off ",

    obs.obs_properties_add_button(props, "toggle_dsk_on"..i,
                                  "Activate " .. name, _G[callback_name_on])
    obs.obs_properties_add_button(props, "toggle_dsk_off"..i,
                                  "Deactivate " .. name, _G[callback_name_off])                                

But i never coded in lua before so i got the trick with the toggle... but i cant find a ways to fade in oO... i am a lua noob
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Why would I use this over just hiding/showing a source within a scene? Guess I'm not understanding the real world example/purpose of it.


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I have a news based stream and I was hoping OBS Newsroom would help, but I can't quite figure out how it's used and how to configure it. Please help.


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Why would I use this over just hiding/showing a source within a scene? Guess I'm not understanding the real world example/purpose of it.
Because in a professional TV studio, its logo will be on every scene when needed and hidden on every scene also when needed. Yes, you can achieve this by hiding/showing within a scene in OBS but when u transition to other scenes you'll need to hide/unhide and that's an extra step for every scene. If it was a music concert production with 3 or more cameras/scenes and always have camera transition every 2 secs, that extra steps will be a hassle. TV production software will always have this functionality, but OBS is a streaming software which I appreciated for trying to do those things.


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Hey superlou, thanks for the script. One question though: I'm having an issue where after a few toggles of the DSK (with hotkey), it will remove the program feed from air and go to black, and fail to recover without manual intervention. Seems like the toggle has been confused somewhere and the scene has been attached to the DSK somehow.
Has anyone encountered this issue, and any ideas how to remedy it?


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Hey all, I stumbled through this but got it to work :-D

Two tips:

1. For the DSK toggle to work, you need to create a scene with a name that has "DSK" in it. If you have more than one scene with "DSK" in it, then you can have multiple toggles. Within each DSK scene, whatever sources you put there will be included in that DSK toggle. It took me a while to figure this out so maybe it'll help some of you.

2. For the clock to work, you need to have a text source that has a name that matches the name you put in the beginning of the settings for the clock format. For example, if in the script settings, you call the clock clock_with_zero, %I:%M, keep-zero, then the name of the source has to be clock_with_zero to match.

Hope that helps!