Question / Help OBS MP With NVENC for HD 60FPS Local Recordings


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I want to do HD local recordings, I am using Multi Audio channels for Speakers, Headphones and Mic. I want it to be the same quality as the real gameplay.

Running a i7-5820K @ 4.6Ghz, 16GB 2400Mhz DDR4, 980Ti SC+ and i play in 1080P. I want 60FPS recordings, size isn't a issue.

What settings should i use?


Here are the settings I use... they could probably be improved and/or optimized but they seem to work well for what I need.

Profile: High
Keyframe Interval: 5 (When using NVENC, set this to anything other than 0)
Rate Control: VBR
Bitrate: 25000 (increase this if you want, 25000 works for my needs)
Use Custom Buffer Size: Unchecked. (I don't see any difference in quality/performance with this on or off, so I left it at default off)

Advanced: Unchecked (I've included my advanced settings, however)
Use Custom Max Bitrate: Unchecked
Low Latency: Unchecked
Consecutive b-frame count: 0 (I have no idea what this does, I think the default is 2?)
Minimum QP: 1
Maximum QP: 51