Question / Help OBS Local Recording is "on the dark side"


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I just started using OBS primarily, so, apologies, but:

Any local recording I make in OBS is rather "dark".
For instance, white is not white, it is more towards grey.
Also, it is slightly blurry, not crisp and bright.

I made a sample screencapture in another software, and it is very bright and crisp.

I did research a bit and I did change my settings to high quality as stated in this forum, but it hasn't changed.

Is there some setting I'm missing?




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This is probably a playback problem. Make sure your codec / video driver / player are set to full range / PC, not TV levels (TV brightness is much lower than PC).


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Thank you, that is totally it.

I was using VLC for playback—my settings may need to be adjusted for that software.

I opened the file in a couple other playback softwares and it was bright and crisp.

Thank you very much!
DaveC, if you use VLC try unchecking "use hardware YUV->RGB conversions in the preferences/video section. Here is a screenshot for reference. This should fix the color issue.