Question / Help OBS lags my game while previewing it (not streaming or recording)


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So i got back into streaming a few days ago and the first thing i noticed when opened obs while playing rocket league was that my game was stuttering a ton. I've seen a lot of complaints on this subject but none of the given solutions seem to work for me. The game still runs at a solid 230+ fps but it still somehow lags.
I've tried:
changing between different capture options (screen, game and display)
putting the games setting to best performance
switching between NVENC and x264
turning off game mode in the xbox settings
asking people online for support

My pc's specs:
GTX 1060 6gb
intelcore i7-7700k
16gb ram
Monitors: 144hz (main) and 60hz (second)


sometimes OBS uses 10-15% of that cpu just idling overtime (i have the non-k version of it), and any stuttering at that high of a framerate should be unnoticable? unless its dipping alot and under your refresh rate, just popping open the task manager to see whats going on while your playing games with OBS should help you isolate the problem