Question / Help OBS - Exported footages are Choppy.

Hi, I'm StrikeFall Studios and I'm here to ask for some help/advice with my OBS system.

Recently OBS has been acting very oddly when exporting videos as it now takes a little longer than normal to finish "stopping recording" and when it's done the video itself runs like 5 to 10 frames a second but with the sound quality still good. Even the preview of OBS shows no issues and it's definitely my settings that could be the issue as I had saved them, uninstalled OBS, reinstalled it, adjusted the settings a little bit and worked just fine and normal. But when I brought in my old settings back again (that used to work) it brings back the same problem.
So yeah, my only issue here is that I don't know what to touch & what to fix. And I have a BIG set up and don't want to really put a lot of time into it again and screw something up...

Here's a link to the exported video:
Again, keep in mind that everything else is fine but when it's exported.

Please if you know the issue, respond quickly! I'm sadly not in the favor of time and I need OBS to work again so I can finish my work. Thanks you.