Question / Help OBS doesnt show mouse while in a game

Discussion in 'Questions, Help & Bug Reports' started by aclipt1c, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. aclipt1c New Member

    When im alt-tabbed my mouse will show up on stream but when i'm in game it dissapears on the stream capture mouse curser is checked any thoughts
  2. The_Turk Member

    I have this exact same problem, I have it selected (capture mouse cursor) in my game capture, but when I open up Europa Universalis 3, I can see it on my screen, but in the stream, I can't see it.
  3. Jim

    Jim Developer

    Game capture and windows 8 monitor capture have a bug with certain game cursors that cause the cursor to disappear. I haven't had time to try to fix the problem because it's actually more difficult of a problem than it sounds, but I will eventually get around to it. Really sorry about the trouble.
  4. The_Turk Member

    Well I'm using Windows 7, and I'm having this problem.
  5. Warchamp7


    Using Game Capture, correct? Jim's point was regarding Game Capture on all versions of Windows and Monitor Capture on Windows 8
  6. The_Turk Member

    Yes I'm using Game capture (in my Sources), and when I double click on the properties "Capture mouse cursor" is already selected, but I still can't see the cursor in the stream. If this is a problem with all versions of windows (just for game capture), if I'm playing a Grand Strategy game, what are alternative sources I could use, that would work well with my game (Europa Universalis 3, Crusader Kings 2, Victoria 2 etc) and that would show the cursor?

    Finally if there is no Source that can accommodate me, whats another free broadcaster that I can use, that has no problem showing my cursor in game?

    Thank you for your help! :)
  7. Xarox Member

    I play EQ2.

    Game capture does not show the mouse pointer, but in window capture (software capture), it's there.

    I hope that helps for your game also. :)
  8. The_Turk Member

    No it dosen't work. I don't know what EQ2 is, but all my regular games what appear on the Entire Window Capture of Software capture, I don't think Software capture can capture games at all, only programs. So whenever I trying streaming, I can here the music (and my voice) from the game, but its a black screen in the preview and the stream.

    Is there any other broadcaster that will allow me to broadcast a game, plus my cursor?
  9. hilalpro Well-Known Member

    google "on screen capture recorder to video free" sourceforge

    configure that and add it as a video device for obs. it's probably slightly worse than monitor capture when it comes to performance but if it works that will do.
  10. Warchamp7


    That's because software capture only works on windowed games. If you want your cursor and it doesn't appear with game capture, set your game to windowed or fullscreen windowed and use Window Capture
  11. The_Turk Member

    Shamefully that won't work for Europa Universalis 3, do you happen to know of any other free broadcasting software, that I can use, in the meantime (while the OBS problem gets fixed)? Thanks for your help so far! :)
  12. Warchamp7


    There's FFsplit, but I don't know if they have fullscreen support yet.
  13. Xarox Member

    I googled the windowed issue, and I found this. Maybe you could work with that and together with window capture, it may work?