Question / Help OBS Display capture not working!

Aaron Stone7

New Member
I've been streaming for a few weeks on OBS 22.0. After my last stream, I was prompted to download OBS 22.0.1, which I did. Afterwards, my display capture, which I used to capture all aspects of my stream, no longer worked. I play on a laptop, and didn't have any issues until this stupid update. Despite this, I tried every piece of advice I could find online, including changing the default graphics card used for OBS 64bit. (It accomplished nothing). I've no Idea what the issue is, so I've posted the log of tonight's black screen issue. All I will say is if someone suggests the stupid graphics card fix, I will be pissed, because I have been streaming form my laptop all this time without any issue, so this argument makes zero sense, and I want a solution that WORKS...