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I know OBS Classic is no longer supported, but I prefer it much more over OBS Studio.

So this is my problem.

If I record for somewhat long periods of time, like over 2 minutes, and insert the clip into my editing software, the video and audio in my clip just become completely messed up. Before I give the details, I want to note that the clip is fine in video/audio sync when being previewed in the raw video file, like in Films & TV (on windows 8/10) or Windows Media Player.

But the weird thing is, I put it in to my editing software and instantly the audio and video become mangled and out of sync. I've used 3 different video editing softwares, all free because I'm not yet ready to buy one yet, but they're all pretty reliable. I've used Hitfilm 4 Express, DaVinci Resolve, and I had the same problem on both of them. I also tested it on Windows Movie Maker, and it looked exactly like it did in the raw video preview. What happens is in the first 1 - 2 minutes, the audio is fine. After that, it slowly goes out of sync, and it's not because of the audio track not being lined up with the actual video, that part is fine and automatically puts them together. It literally slowly goes out of sync, and keeps getting worse and worse. It like gradually goes out of sync. And if I try to move the audio track to line it up again, further down the track it goes out of sync with the video again. I honestly don't know what's happening, if the video is too slow, if the audio track is somehow sped up in the software, or whatever. I know it doesn't happen in Movie Maker but I'm not downgrading to that. The layout of Movie Maker and the limitations disgusts me.

If anyone has experience with Hitfilm 4 Express (as I stopped using DaVinci Resolve due to some other technical issues) please tell me if I'm doing something wrong there. For experts on OBS, you can ask me whatever you want to find out the problem.

My audio settings in OBS Classic are below. Ask me if you need more information.




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Then what is the point of this forum if you're going to reply to every post with "Classic is no longer supported," as if that is helpful?