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OBS and OBS-Studio: Portable Mode on Windows - You can then easily run OBS of an USB-Stick or copy it to a second PC keeping the settings.

Running OBS/OBS-Studio in Portable Mode means all settings (Profiles and Scene Collections) are saved within the OBS main folder. You can copy the whole folder to a second PC or USB-Stick and use it wherever you want.
Be aware, the File-Paths for image and other sources might be different on a different PC. In this case these sources have to be manually fixed.

To run OBS (classic) in Portable Mode you have two options. You can change the "Target" of your...

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Apparently, the flags for Portable Mode are "--portable" (two hyphens) or "-p" (one hyphen). The guide currently says "--p" with two hyphens.


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I didn't really understood where specifically portable_mode.txt file should be located. There is a root directory of an archive with just 3 folders and also the directory of an exe file itself which is ...\{OBS Folder}\bin\64bit.
So here's the root path of OBS and exe path:

So where should I actually leave the portable_mode.txt file?