Bug Report OBS 21.1 Permanently Staying in System Tray


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I recently updated to the new 21.1 from v0.659b (came out in 2015) and I already found a bug that doesn't even allow me to use OBS...

From what I believe to be the problem, I think it stems from the setting that I chose for OBS to minimize to the system tray whilst streaming. Now the problem is that whenever I even try to start up OBS, it just gets minimized to system tray. That being the case, I can't even go into OBS to change the settings. Someone, please help me. I beg of you.
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You can click the icon in the tray to restore it.
Not on my system. When launched OBS immediately minimizes to the system tray and cannot be maximized to the desktop by clicking on the OBS icon in the system tray. The app is running and, using hotkeys, I can start and stop recording. To close the app I have to use Task Manager (Windows 10).